Monday, November 5, 2018

Mantiz - Thank You For Listening: Reissue

Somewhere between Summer 2016 and Fall 2018, I hit a bit of a rough patch. Among the many setbacks, "Thank You For Listening" was taken down from the digital stores without my consent. I never truly knew what caused this to happen, but ultimately it gave me an opportunity to go back and tighten up the sound I originally set out to capture. The vibe of the album was incomplete, but every trace of where I wanted to go musically and sonically were present. So with this project being hailed as one of my best, or simply just a fan favorite, I felt it wasn't right to move forward and have this album be just a memory for those who remember it.

Oddly enough, as I began to put the final touches on this Reissue, my creative juices began to flow again. It's officially Bo Jack season. And on behalf of this album, it's good to be back.

Thank You For Listening.

Click here to listen now.

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