Monday, December 28, 2020

DaBaby - Bidness (feat. Toosii) (prod. Jetsonmade & Mantiz)

I've noticed how I haven't been posting when I land a few placements. I deeply apologize. I'll have to go back and edit those in. For those who don't already know, I co-produced "Gospel" for DaBaby's second album "KIRK" alongside my brothers Jetsonmade and 1st Class. We made that beat and Rico Nasty's "Fashion Week" in my living room back in July of 2019.  Life has been pretty hectic since then.

This was one of those joints where Jet reached out to me and asked about the quartet singing style used in "The Fighting Temptations" barbershop scene. He asked me to just create some harmonies (how I would) and he handled the rest. I didn't expect the song to be placed on such a somber project, but I'm thankful for the opportunities nonetheless. Thank You For Listening.

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