Friday, January 23, 2015's Tastemaker Tuesdays: Mantiz – She Say (feat. JetsonMade)

This past Tuesday, my manager Tasha over at launched her new groundbreaking Tastemaker Tuesdays series. This series gives a handful of independent artists a chance to have industry executives and hip hop legends give a good listen to their music and provide a helpful review on what their next move should be. A very innovative way to do what we as artists have been needing for a while now. "She Say" was featured as one of the songs and it was all reviewed by Miss Wendy Day, a LEGEND in this industry. I had the opportunity to have many conversations and mentoring under Wendy and she's just a wonderful person to know. What a blessing. Click the link below to see what she thought about "She Say" now!!!

(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Mantiz feat. Jetsonmade – She Say

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