Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tinashe - Pretend Remix (feat. Mantiz)

Ok so here's the thing. I wasn't gonna post this song at all because it's for a contest. Then last night I saw a post that kinda promoted another artist in the contest. So I decided "fuck this. I put too much thought into this verse to let it go unheard in the event that I don't win." And this isn't me bowing out, this is just me being that confident in myself as an emcee. I feel a lot of folks overlook that. Yeah, I produce. Yeah, I sing. Yeah, I engineer. But my first love is emceeing. I'm humble as fuck but sometimes I wanna just black out cuz you don't get respect until you disrespect someone else. But nonetheless, I've seen how this new wave of the culture works and I can't just give you a "Control" verse on every record. Why? Cuz you wouldn't buy it. But here's to Tinashe, whose actually supposed to be the deciding judge in the contest... yeah right.

The last #TizzyTuesday of 2014. Happy New Year everyone. Thank You For Listening.

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